From headquarter calls, customer senior level interface, sales analytics, daily trouble shooting and activities at store level, MVR operates with one goal in mind…to help clients realise strategic product distribution across global targeted trading areas. We have established relationships with the largest and leading channel members.

Our expertise ensures a perfectly aligned retail presence, and a guarantee of optimum product exposure to the consumer. The sales support and services we provide are detailed below

Mass Data Analysis

Audit Performance Standards

  • Merchandising cloud application with real time reporting
  • Setting marketplace and account scorecard
  • Sell in levels based on corporate goals


Forecast Development/Accuracy-Sales Input

  • Knowledge based distribution strategies
  • Stock-turns -Frequency
  • Product depth - penetration

Trade Spending Planning

  • Co-op aligned to corporate initiatives
  • Versus co-op aligned to the account’s initiatives

Business Operations

  •  Effective organizational management that puts resources in the right places to meet business objectives

  •  Effective financial management that track costs, cash flow and profits

  • Analysis that provide investment and ROI information for smart decisions


New SKU Opportunity Analysis

  • Based on available doors
  • Measure investment spending to opportunity

Promotional Accuracy Analysis

  • Setting measurable, doable goals on quantities by market
  • Price features at store level compatible to accounts margins

Brand Experience


MVR will help you to influence your customers’ decision at the point of purchase.

We will enhance their brand experience using in-store demonstrations, product sampling, exhibitions and community events. These methods of promotion are very effective and the best method of selling direct to your target customers.

Tap into the power of your customer’s brain – support your product launch with a memorable brand experience;

  • create awareness
  • counter competitor activity
  • support other marketing activities
  • provide an excellent platform from which to launch and re-launch products
  • influence brand switching

MVR provide you with a professional partnership, delivering an efficient service from instigation to final analysis. We will tailor a programme to complement your goals and strategies that sit within your marketing plan; enhancing the enjoyment of your customers through face-to-face marketing at point of purchase and ultimately maximising incremental product sales uplift.



Is your brand getting the exposure it deserves? MVR provide merchandising solutions across FDM and beauty supply stores. We will ensure that your products get optimum visibility.  Maximising your brand's potential in the market and ensuring your products and promotions are available, prominent, consistent, compliant and ahead of your competitors.



Our team of dedicated merchandisers will:

  • Report on stock availability &generate orders

  • Secure additional facings

  • Improve product positioning

  • Rotate stock

  • Manage of POS from Warehouse to Store

  • Place POS in hotspot areas

  • Work with planograms to ensure compliance and standardise the presentation of brand

  • Place additional point of sale displays and support product launches.

Whether you are require a ‘one-off’ merchandising activity or are looking for an on-going  to support for your brand, MVR can offer you a comprehensive, nationwide merchandising service with a difference. No task is too small, we will always ensure that the job is completed to the highest standard, using our experienced merchandising teams.