Our expertise in channel management have established partnerships that ensure an appropriately aligned retail presence – a guarantee of at shelf consumer exposure to products with specific core competencies: 

  • We possess an expert knowledge of the retail Industry and related Trades
  • We have established relationships with the largest and leading channel members including critical buyers Processes Available Include:

Merchandising cloud application with real time reporting across the US

Forecast Development/Accuracy-Sales Input
  • Knowledge based distribution strategies
  • Turns -Frequency
  • Product depth - penetration
New SKU Opportunity Analysis
  • Based on available doors
  • Measure investment spending to opportunity
Trade Spending Planning
  • Co-op aligned to corporate initiatives
  • Versus co-op aligned to the account’s initiatives
Promotional Accuracy Analysis
  • Setting measurable doable goals on quantities by market
  • Price features at store level compatible to accounts margins
  • Liquidation of off shelf inventory within 45 day window
Audit Performance Standards
  • Setting marketplace and account scorecard
  • Sell in levels based on corporate goals
  • Off shelf and merchandising presence


Business Operations

  • Effective Organizational Management that puts resources in the right places to meet business objectives
  • Effective Financial Management that track costs, cash flow and profits
  • Analysis that provide investment and ROI information for smart decisions